#IT, #Identity, #Innovation, #Information – We are #InnovatingCreativity

UKDK merge digital marketing, business intelligence and GIS in a unique way with the aim of innovating creativity #InnovatingCreativity


#IT – We have experience in various IT technologies, including managing international projects. We have experience of project managing offshore teams and linking organisations in different countries. Our goal is to measure success and provide clearly scoped delivery.




#Innovation – Our thinking is different. We don’t like to be like all the others. Our products and thinking are constantly morphing, but our standards and principles remain constant.  Our experience includes trademarks and intellectual property.



Identity_small#Identity – Our digital marketing, brand and SEO strategy is structured but original.  We tailor our services to the client, according to market, strategy and goals, using our Identiflier service.


Complete the Identiflier questionnaire and we’ll get back to you with the best way forward

Information_small#Information – We love data. Our firm belief is that data stored simply as numbers and letters is a waste of potential. Data can be brought to life via many methods including business intelligence and GIS or location based information.

Our Otspotz product is currently in development and will be available soon.




UKDK have experience in working with many types of projects.  We have experience with content management systems, customer relationship management, geospatial systems, sharepoint and database projects. Our network includes offshore, onshore and outsourced teams. We can help make your project succeed using our policy of clear scoping, milestones and methods of agile and waterfall delivery.
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Maximise your web potential using a mixture of search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, digital marketing and social media strategy. If you want a higher search engine rank or better web visibility, we can show you the way, UKDK can help with your brand and can provide localization for different markets. We use analytics and metrics to help us measure our success.
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UKDK have vast experience with business intelligence and document management systems. If you need help with your data flow, data integration, master data processes or reporting, we can help you. We have vast experience in integrating varied data sources that will provide great improvements for your business, as well as organising, transforming and visualising your data.
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UKDK like to use technology in an innovative way.  We have created ways of applying strategy in a manner that optimises potential and we constantly try and think of ways to make companies succeed in a creative way. Using a combination of our core principles and broad range of technological experience, we can create ways of thinking that can greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.
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About Us

  • Why use us

    UKDK offer a broad range of services in a unique manner.  Our goal is to provide innovation and automation of manual processes revolving around our four key standards: #IT #Innovation #Identity #Information.  These core principles allow us to standardise our offering and focus on uniform and reliable methods of delivery.

  • What we can do for you

    UKDK can help at all stages of a project. Whether it’s a new project, an ongoing project or maybe a project that needs a little steering, we can help. UKDK can also help direct you towards your goals using a mixture of technology and innovative thinking.

  • Where are we located

    We operate from the UK and Denmark and the world.

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